Art matters.

Every purchase with Rightside Shirts is an investment in youth creativity.

We donate all our profits to the Art Resource Collaborative for Kids to fund their art programs for kids in Boston, MA. 


Watch the video to learn about the Art Resource Collaborative's mission.

The Art Resource Collaborative for Kids is an amazing 501(c)3 non-profit that brings comprehensive art programs to kids in Boston, MA. They use art as a vehicle to reach students’ greatest potential by integrating arts education with STEM, hiring teaching artists to co-teach, in school, with classroom teachers to ensure safe, consistent, and happy learning. ARCK focuses on building global-citizen students with their unique curriculum that has three modules of leadership, civic engagement, and social justice, which they developed in collaboration with members of the MIT D-Lab and the Harvard Arts in Education initiative. 


Why support youth art?

Creativity is the most important skill of the 21st century, yet 40% of public elementary schools don't even have an art room. Watch the video below to learn why now, more than ever, youth art education matters.

Quick facts about youth art education.

Kids who regularly participate in art are...
  • 4x more likely to be recognized for academic achievement
  • 4x more likely to participate in a math & science fair
  • 3x more likely to win an award for school attendance
  • 3x more likely to be elected to class office than their artless peers.
Low-income students who are highly engaged in the arts are more than 2x as likely to graduate college as their peers with no art education.

source: Americans for the Arts

Despite the evidence, the arts are still extremely underfunded in schools.
  • 30% of public elementary schools have no visual arts classes, period.
  • 50% of the poorest public elementary schools don't even have an art room.
  • 90% of public elementary schools don't have a dance or drama teacher.

source: National Center for Education Statistics


Let's close the art funding gap once and for all. Shop Rightside Shirts today.

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