$6,428 raised for art education.

Buying something from Rightside Shirts isn't shopping, it's investing. Investing in a more creative future where all kids grow to realize their creative potential. Every purchase donates much-needed funds to one of our partner art programs.
$1,014 raised for Edison K8 in Brighton, MA 

When we first partnered with Edison K8, they were one of the 30% of public elementary schools with no visual art classes. We funded 15 weekly art classes at the school and, today, the Edison has a full art program for their students.

$892 raised for Mendell Elementary in Roxbury, MA 

Mendell Elementary is lucky to have an amazing art teacher at the school, Ms. Vozzella. She teaches every student in the school by pushing her "art cart" from class-to-class. The money we raise for Mendell Elementary supports Ms. Vozzella to help her get the resources she needs to teach the most engaging and inspiring lessons possible, especially given the fact that she teaches art in one of the 40% of public elementary school with no art rooms.

$596 raised for the Art Resource Collaborative for Kids in Boston, MA

ARCK is an incredible non-profit that brings comprehensive art programs into schools with any art classes. The money we raise for ARCK supports their programs in Boston schools and helps them expand their mission.

$546 raised for the Patrick Lyndon Pilot in West Roxbury, MA

Patrick Lyndon Pilot serves a diverse group of students in West Roxbury. The money we raise helps their art teacher, Ms. Sallen, close the budget gap and get the supplies she needs to teach engaging lessons.

Some more of our partners...

$375 raised for Mother Caroline Academy in Dorchester, MA

$342 raised for Mattahunt Elementary in Mattapan, MA

$302 raised for Watertown Middle School in Watertown, MA

$209 raised for JFK Elementary in Jamaica Plain, MA

$200 raised for Gateway Middle School in San Francisco, CA

$175 raised for Otis Elementary in East Boston, MA

$172 raised for Roosevelt Elementary in San Francisco, CA

$134 raised for Cambridge Street Upper School in Cambridge, MA

$125 raised for Ranson Middle School in Charlotte, NC

$108 raised for Washington Irving Middle School in Roslindale, MA

$100 raised for Cambridgeport Elementary in Cambridge, MA

$84 raised for Jackson Mann K8 in Brighton, MA

$70 raised for The ARC in San Francisco, CA

$68 raised for St. Martin de Porres in Oakland, CA

$51 raised for Perkins Elementary in South Boston, MA

$50 raised for The Tierney Center in South Boston, MA

$47 raised for Rogers Middle School in Hyde Park, MA

$42 raised for Mozart Elementary in Roslindale, MA

$38 raised for Haley Pilot in Roslindale, MA

$34 raised for Garfield Middle School in Revere, MA


Every purchase from Rightside Shirts funds an art program in need.


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