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Actual lemonade stands are so 1999. Welcome to the future.

Earn money through creative work. Here's how:

(1) Take a picture of your art.

Say cheese! Snap a photo of as much as 3 pieces of original artwork with a smartphone, camera, or scanner. We accept any and all file types.

(2) Send it to Rightside through our site.

Through the magic of the internet, you can send us your picture through this form. It's as easy as uploading a photo to instagram.

(3) See mock-ups within 24 hours.

We'll send you an email with mock-ups of how your art looks on our shirts. You're in charge, and we won't launch your store until you love your products.

(4) Launch your store and spread the word!

Approve your mock-ups and launch your store- you're now live on the world wide web! Spread the word to friends and family and watch the sales roll in.

(5) Get paid AND do good.

We'll send you a check every month for your total $ earned. You earn all but 25% of the profits, which we donate to the art program of your choice. What's not to love?

Start your Lemonade Stand today.

And join these artists who have already earned over $150 and raised over $50 for art education.

Caroline | Clinton | Dash | D'Juan | Elvan | Ethan | Izzy | Javare | Jayden | Jecon | Jesus | JuJu | Kayden | Kevin | Lenox | Molly | Nico | Paulayna | Shawnty | Tecory | Queen-Aset | Zach | Zachary

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