How it works.

Rightside Shirts partners with schools, community centers, and non-profits to promote creativity, empower young artists, and fund youth art education. Here's how it works:


Kids Create

(1) Kids Create Art

Awesome schools partner with us to inspire their students and raise money for art education. Every student at the school creates absolutely anything they want, using any materials they want. With no rules or guidelines, kids think creatively and let their imaginations run wild.

Rightside Prints

(2) Rightside Brings the Art to Life

Rightside Shirts selects three pieces of art to print on our line of premium tees. We sell the tees on our state-of-the-art website and print using the highest quality materials around, treating each artwork with the respect and care it deserves. Our partner schools even get an exclusive discount code, which allows every member of the community, regardless of income, to celebrate their student's creativity.


(3) All Profits Fund Youth Art Education

Our partner schools get all the profits from the sale of their student's artwork to fund the arts at their school. After a month of raising funds, some of our partners elect to start giving their profits to our featured cause so we can concentrate our giving and make the biggest impact possible on youth art education. This process empowers student creativity and gives schools the tools they need to adequately educate the next generation of creative leaders.


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"Truly a successful art fundraising model."

-Ms. Shatuck-Pierce, Mendell Elementary Parent's Committee


"Angelo loved the experience of making the shirt and then seeing it come alive!"
-Angelo's mom
"It makes me feel good to see other people wear my art!"

-Destiny, kindergarten

"I just like doing art, that's all!"

-Abigail, 1st grade

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