Kids are the most creative artists on the planet.

Did you know one of the world's most successful artists admits to copying his kid's art? Or that Picasso, perhaps the most famous artist of all time, said that "every child is an artist, the trouble is how to remain an artist once we grow?"

And, today, it's even harder for kids to "remain an artist" once they grow because art programs are so underfunded.

That's why we're on a mission to empower kids' creativity and fund art programs through the sale of youth artwork. We give kids a platform to sell their art on shirts, phone cases, and more. Every purchase funds art education, and kids even have an opportunity to earn a portion of the profits. By investing in art programs, we hope more kids realize their full creative potential and grow to be the leaders we need them to be. And, by giving kids the opportunity to earn money through their art, we show them the value in creative work, which is the most in-demand skill in our modern world.

Each one of our products is as unique as the young artist who created it.

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