IPHD India

The Institute for Philanthropy & Humanitarian Development

Half of all profits fund schooling for kids in Bhikamkor, a village in Jodhpur, India. Half of all profits fund youth art programs in the Bhikamkor library.

IPHD empowers women and children in the rural village of Bhikamkor in Jodhpur, India. They founded the first library in the village, where children organize for storytime and art. IPHD partnered with Rightside Shirts to raise money for art programs in the library and to establish an education fund for kids in the village, starting with Maya and Santosh.

We can send Maya to school.

And Santosh to school.

And raise enough money for the Bhikamkor library to operate for an entire year if we raise only $200.

$15 raised / $200 goal 

Shop now to get a shirt, fund art programs in the Bhikamkor library, and change Maya & Santosh's lives.

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