Featured Cause

Featured Cause

ARCK brings high-quality arts education to five schools in Boston, MA, and counting.


The Problem

Even though creativity is the most important skill of the 21st century, the arts are still extremely underfunded in schools. 30% of public elementary schools have no art classes, period, and, to make matters worse, the arts are often cut to make more room for standardized testing, which is the absolute antidote to creativity.


ARCK's Solution

ARCK is responsible for bringing high-quality arts education to Boston schools, all for students who otherwise would have no art classes at all. These are not simply one-off classes, but comprehensive, full-year programs that empower students, foster culture and community, and support the school’s learning objectives. In addition to its signature visual art modules, ARCK has been developing and piloting a STEAM curriculum and is steadily working on enhancing its programs to help students learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) concepts through art. ARCK’s curriculum is designed with the personal integrity and cultural background of the individual student in mind, honoring his or her ethnic origin and language orientation. In a safe and inclusive environment, ARCK strikes a balance between mutual respect and creative exploration, encouraging students to engage fully as single artists intent on their personal projects and as social creatures who can help one another with those projects.


$636 raised / $1,000 goal


Shop now to fund and expand art education for young students in Boston. All profits go to ARCK.

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